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FALA manufactures its own line of semiconductor products:

Cleanroom Grade Ceramic Bearings
Sold worldwide, FALA's best of breed, thin section ceramic bearings are the only aftermarket replacement products guaranteed to double the life of Applied Materials' Endura PVD and Centura Etching robotic handling systems. Using FALA's bearings, customers save 18 cents per wafer-start by reducing both equipment downtime and the number of bearing replacements. [More...]

Equipment Front End Modules (EFEM)
FALA's reticle and wafer EFEM's transfer substrates cleanly from carrier to semiconductor process and back again in both atmospheric and vacuum enviroments. We tailor interfaces to OEM equipment by integrating software and hardware with robotic handlers, alignment fixtures/nests, Endeffectors (arms and grips), Class 1 enclosures, loadports, operator screens with controls, interlocks and electrical power system backbones. [More...]

Reticle Shuffler/Sorters
Cleanly sorts reticles between and within single and multiple-slot SMIF pod carreirs, both to separate off-spec product and to group similar products for processing.

Wafer/Reticle Depodders
FALA's mechanical depodders open 200mm SMIF wafer and reticle pods without the need for electrical or pneumatic facility service hookups. Both tabletop and standalone versions can be placed anywhere within a cleanroom.

Class 1 Mini-Environments
FALA's customized Class 1 mini-environments provide protective surroundings for contamination-sensitive products, either as stand-alone cleanrooms or as integrated enclosures for OEM process equipment.

Cleanroom Templates
FALA is the inventor and world leader in the design and fabrication of full size cleanroom templates used for setting up all facility connections prior to installing new equipment in semiconductor fabs.

Cleanroom Grade Ceramic Bearings:
FALA offers Cleanroom Grade Ceramic Bearings for semiconductor robotic systems
LED Technology:
FALA provides quality LED lights and LED lighting services
Equipment Front End Modules:
Falas EFEM's transfer substrates cleanly from carrier to semiconductor process and back again in both atmospheric and vacuum enviroments
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