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Focus on Industrial Equipment Manufacturing, Semiconductor, Aerospace & Green Energy Technologies

Fala designs and builds advanced tools and innovative systems to solve critical manufacturing problems and to enable cost effective production of products and consumables for the Semiconductor, Green Energy, Medical, Transportation & Biotechnology industries.

Fala offers high-quality turnkey engineering and manufacturing services in its own state-of-the-art facility and reaches out to global partners for best-of-breed solutions to each part of a given problem. As developer and systems integrator in global collaborations, Fala integrates subsystems into unified solutions, adding its own technologies along the way.

"If a key customer or vendor has unique technology that will solve a problem, we will partner with them to adapt their technology in order to provide a viable solution," said Frank Falatyn, president."If it turns out that the technology doesn't exist, then we will create it."

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FALA also manufactures and sells its own line of semiconductor products, including Cleanroom Grade Ceramic Bearings, Equipment Front End Modules, LED Lighting Solutions, wafter/reticle depodders, reticle shufflers, mini-environments and cleanroom templates

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