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Turnkey Prototype Equipment Development

The primary mission of FALA's engineering organization is turnkey prototype equipment development, which includes system design, build, integration and testing.

Semiconductor Technology - A case in point.
FALA has placed a strong emphasis on R&D projects, many of which have been tied to next-generation technology. Working in this arena has given FALA the opportunity to develop a number of turnkey advanced technology systems. These leading edge systems have emphasized product handling and particle generation/control in both atmospheric and vacuum environments. Illustrated below is one such custom prototype system recently designed, built, integrated, qualified and installed. It represents the many skills and disciplines resident at FALA Technologies to deliver on such systems.

SEMATECH International Advanced Lithography Center in Albany, N.Y
The turnkey development cycle for this system was eight months, from concept through qualification, inclusive of all system control and integration software. Below are the eight individual elements.
The primary mission of FALA's engineering organization is turnkey prototype equipment development
System Architecture:
Fala's system architecture provides detailed and technical understanding of a system which determines the strategy for implementation
Software Development:
Fala has experience developing sophisticated system control software for manufacturing technology in high tech and emerging industries
Power Distribution & Control Systems:
Fala Technologies provides expertise in power distribution and control systems for manufacturing in semiconductor, high tech industrial and emerging industries
Work Cell Environment Sub-Class 1:
Fala creates sub-class 1 work cell environments for advanced technology development and manufacturing production in the semiconductor industry
Automation Product Handling & Transport:
Fala has extensive experience with the selection and integration of OEM automation components and sub-systems
High Vacuum, System Design, Build & Test:
Fala Technologies is an experienced developer of custom designed high vacuum systems for the semiconductor and EFEM metrology markets
System Integration:
Fala Technologies provides customers with a "single-source" integrated solution to their prototyping and OEM manufacturing production needs
Compliance Engineering:
At Fala, Compliance Engineering is the method by which products are designed and evaluated for safety and ergonomic ease of use, in accordance with industry-specific standards
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