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FALA's Manufacturing, 50,000-square-foot site, (with clean rooms) is designed for prototype development; integrated, complex, precision machine building and advanced supply chain manufacturing. Our machinery is highly precise and designed for the stringent demands of manufacturing for semiconductor, aerospace and defense technology.

Machining & Finishing
Bullet Abrasive Waterjet Cutting: 6" thk x 6 ft x 10 ft (+/-.004")
Bullet CNC Machining Centers: Micromachining to 50"x120"size parts (+/- .0001")
Bullet High Speed Machining Centers: Micromachining to 14"x18" size parts (+/- .00004")
Bullet CNC Lathes: Micromachining to 60" diameter turnings (+/- .00005")
Bullet Wire EDM: Micromachining to 10"x18" size parts (+/- .00005")
Bullet Ram EDM: Micromachining to 10" x12" size parts (+/- .00005")
Bullet Jig Grinding: Micromachining to 10"x18" size parts (+/- .00005")
Bullet Surface Grinding: Micromachining to 12"x36" size parts (+/- .00005")
Bullet Blanchard Grinding: up to 36" diameter parts (.001")
Bullet Double-Disc Grinding: up to 24" diameter parts (.0001")
Bullet Cylindrical Grinding: ID / OD up to 10" diameter parts (.00005")
Bullet Cold Sawing: up to 36" diameter parts
Bullet Arbor Milling: up to 24" wide parts (+/-.0001")
Bullet Gun Drilling: up to 60" depth
Bullet Tool & Cutter Grinding
Bullet Laser and Gorton Engraving
Bullet Specialty Sheet Metal: Stamping / Punching / Forming / Bending (up to 12 ft)
Bullet Lapping: up to 21" diameter
Bullet Honing: up to 1" diameter
Bullet Welding: TIG / MIG / Spot Welding / Ultrasonic / Plastic
Bullet Plasma Cutting
Bullet Electron Beam (E-beam) Welding
Bullet Laser Cutting
Bullet Laser Welding
Bullet Soldering: wire, cold, induction
Bullet Heat Treating: all grades and alloys
Bullet Brazing
Bullet Hi-Vac Welding
Bullet Mil-Spec Plating
Bullet Mil-Spec Painting
Bullet Electropolishing
Bullet Finishing: Vibratory / Brush / Tumble / Belt / Bead-Blast
Bullet Silk-screening
Bullet Powder Coating
Bullet Graphics Part Marking
Bullet Specialty Molding
Inspection / Certification
Bullet Temperature / Humidity Control Metrology Inspection Facility: fully equipped computer, CMM & manual inspection services
Bullet Non-Contact Computer Video Inspection (.00004")
Bullet Helium Leak Detection: to 10-11 atm.cc/sec
Bullet Standards Compliance Testing
Bullet Customer Specification Compliance / Certification
Bullet Material / Plating Certifications
Bullet Particle / Contamination Testing
Bullet Air Flow Testing
Bullet Instrument Calibration / Certification
Bullet Class 10,000 Cleanroom: Tool Building
Bullet Sub-Class 1 Cleanroom: Specialty Assembly & Processing
Bullet Cabling & Harnessing
Bullet Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly
Bullet Mechanical Assembly & Alignments
Bullet Control / Power Distribution Wiring
Bullet Software Code: Writing / Debugging / Testing / Certification
Bullet Pneumatics Plumbing
Bullet Hydraulics Plumbing
Bullet Hi-Purity Chemical Plumbing
Bullet Gas Distribution Plumbing
Bullet Hi-Vacuum Plumbing
Bullet Laser Optics Alignments
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