Fala Technologies Software Development

As the intelligence behind the physical equipment, software should meld and coordinate a system's resources into a smoothly functioning, easy-to-use whole. Software has a direct impact on performance and can literally make or break a product.

For systems with a screen, the software interface is one of the first things customers see and that which has the strongest positive or negative impressions on them. Good software provides the flexibility to evolve and improve the functioning of a system and its development, and it is as much art as engineering.

FALA Technologies has experience developing sophisticated system control software for a variety of platforms, from PLC's or computers to clusters of computers, each controlling sub-sections of a large system. In addition, FALA has extensive experience in software integration with a broad range of OEM semiconductor equipment products, including vision & imaging systems, laser systems, wafer & reticle handling system components (load ports, load locks, stages), robots , vacuum systems and instrumentation.

Our staff can provide assistance in any or all of the following areas:

  • Functional Specifications
  • Architecture and System Flow Diagrams
  • Screen Layouts: (navigation for system set-up, maintenance and diagnostics)
  • Coding
  • Sub-System Software Integration
  • Debug
  • Qualification
  • Revision Control
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