Fala Technologies System Architecture

System architecture provides a detailed understanding and technical description of a system and determines the features and strategy that will shape its implementation. This engineering "blueprint" is the plan that allows efficient execution of the detailed design-and-build process.

A well-thought out architecture provides flexibility of operation and the ability to absorb future enhancements or modifications without sacrificing budgetary or delivery constraints. It can be derived from a detailed set of specifications or begin as a general concept that is fleshed out through discussion. In either scenario, it should address the following areas, as applicable:

System Architecture
  • Conceptual Overview
  • System Requirements
  • Design Platform Strategy
  • System Functional Specification
  • Preliminary Mechanical Layout
  • High Level Electrical Schematics
  • High Level Software Flow Charts
  • Preliminary Software Screen Layouts
  • User Interface Description
  • Facility Requirements
  • List of Primary Components
  • Design and Build Budgets
  • System Prototype Schedule
  • Risk Analysis
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